The #1 flexible Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Cloud platform for all types of assets; scalable and easy to use on any device.

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The #1 flexible Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Cloud platform for all types of assets; scalable and easy to use on any device.

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For whom

For small organizations that want to take a successful first step in terms of digitizing Asset Management, streamlining work processes and implementing improvements in the organization.


EAM core
Asset Registration check
Work Order Management check
Preventive Maintenance check
EAM modules & features
Mobile check
Real estate registration check
Warehouse check
Smart images check
Contract management check
E-mailnotifications check
Business Information
Standard reports check
Create your own reports check


We provide a Do It Yourself implementation Toolkit with which you can fully implement Essentials.

Why Essentials

  • Flexibility level 'Standard'
  • Storage capacity from 5GB
  • Easy do it yourself implementation
  • Standard support
  • E-learning for end users included

You get access to Ultimo wherever you are. You don’t need to return to your workstation if you have to register something or need extra information. Our carefully developed app Ultimo GO provides a new level of efficiency. It really saves you time! Ultimo GO is automatically included in the Ultimo software.

Enabling user-friendly and clear planning of your activities is crucial and possibly one of the most important reasons to use an EAM software. Ultimo offers a wide range of planning options for Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

With our 30+ years of experience, we have been able to develop high-quality out-of-the-box software. Over the years, we have also come to understand the power of flexibility. Being able to customize the standard software to your company’s processes just a little bit better. That’s where Ultimo shines.

Our software includes by default the Ultimo Configuration Tool, allowing trained application managers to optimize the user experience, productivity and reliability of management information. While still offering you the benefits of new software releases.

Use the flexibility to:

  • Adapt processes
  • hide parts of the screen
  • set authorization
  • define e-mail notifications
  • Create end user reports
Companies who already use Essentials

Ultimo offers Enterprise Asset Management software with an unmatched ROI

Get a better grip over your assets, realize higher uptime and control costs. See vital signs, take vital action.

> 100.000
Over 2.100 companies and over 100.000 people all over the globe use Ultimo every day!
> 50
Over 30 years of experience. Experts in proces optimization since 1988.
> 10.000.000
Currently there are more than ten milion assets being managed with Ultimo.