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AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization

LIVE-link AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization with Ultimo EAM. AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization as an ad-on on Ultimo EAM enables a comprehensive view into current asset performance. This way, you can identify improvement opportunities, perform analyses and simulations to determine the best maintenance strategies, and visualize deployment effects.

Empower operators and maintenance with strategically driven decision making

If high-quality data is the key to successful asset management, companies need the means to collect and manage that data. AVEVA Asset Strategy Optimization allows you to structure, manage and use asset-related data in the most effective manner imaginable. In a highly structured process, data is laying the foundations for your ideal maintenance strategies in Ultimo EAM. Strategic Decision-making is simplified by quickly comparing existing strategies to industry libraries, best practices, and the state of your assets.

Your benefits:

  • Empower operators and maintenance, by giving them more insight into risks and consequences;
  • FMECA/Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), available to quickly focus on the most important assets;
  • Spare Part Optimization in times of extreme scarcity. Save up to 25% on stock;
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA) helps to tackle problems at their core;
  • 30% Decrease in CAPEX by doing what is needed;
  • Save up to 50% on Maintenance and inspection costs

All fundamental asset information can be exchanged quickly and easily in two directions via the Ultimo interface. A perfect combination to take the next steps in your asset management maturity and to focus on what is really important.


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