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Barcode Interface

We understand that time is money and that is why we have reduced all administrative tasks to a minimum. This increases your employees’ tool time and that is what really matters. Register simple data streams directly in Ultimo on location, without having to use Ultimo Go or Ultimo on your computer. That is what our Barcode Scanner module is for.

When processes need to be very simple and actions need to be fast and accurate, a barcode scanner is often the solution. For this very reason, we have simplified the following processes with the Barcode module: 

  • Registration of the start and end times of the execution of activities;
  • Ordering articles;
  • Implementing stock corrections;
  • Tracking stock adjustments; 
  • Issuing and collecting consumables;
  • Issuing and collecting inventory. 

We partner with OPAL for the purchase of barcode scanners. They take care of all support for the scanner. So you can get the most out of your mobile solution. Together with OPAL, we looked at looking at user-friendliness, ergonomics and robustness and have selected the following devices that are cloud-ready and suitable for use in combination with Ultimo software: 

  • Honeywell CT60 met Android (PDA) 
  • Zebra TC8000 (Pistol Grip) 
  • Zebra MC33-G 
About Barcode Interface

As a logistics IT integrator, OPAL understands the complexities and challenges of optimizing logistics and supply chain processes. OPAL BV develops, delivers and manages IT solutions for supply chain execution. OPAL’s solutions are best applied to the logistics and industrial shop floor. Inside and outside the walls of the organization. OPAL’s systems naturally align with human activity. Finally, the adoption of new IT systems is a prerequisite for a successful digital transformation. That is why OPAL adopts a “Mobile-first, Cloud-first” approach, always keeping the human factor in mind. In this way, we help companies to bridge the gaps and increase the effectiveness and productivity of organizations. OPAL delivers the top brands of hardware and software products and adds as much value as possible through professional services, agile software development, and excellent managed services & management solutions. 

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