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BI ISM-Dashboarding

Transform your Ultimo data into trends and results on services, teams, and processes. Designed for you by the ITSM experts; applied by IT service delivery departments.

The ISM dashboard supports several objectives:

  1. Behavioral influencing
    The dashboard stimulates the desired behavior by giving direct positive reinforcement. Leaders and professionals can struggle with working in a goal-oriented way when they don’t have any insight into the effect of their working methods. A precondition to stimulate desired behavior is providing recognizable feedback on the performance related to that behavior. The dashboard stimulates structural behavior change. 
  2. Improving registration
    Relevant data will be registered correctly. In a lot of areas, professionals experience a high administrative registration obligation and pressure, but fail to see anything relevant happening with that data. Presenting and discussing of the results through the dashboard (part of the ISM control model), shows that the quality of registered data receives attention. Correct registration is rewarded and influences control choices, making registration relevant. This leads to improvement of registration. 
  3. Result-oriented management
    Dashboards provide data-driven steering and management information. The ISM dashboard is in line with the basic IT processes that are running in every IT organization, providing up-to-date insight into areas that are relevant to them.
  4. Uniform working method
    The dashboard stimulates a uniform working method throughout the entire IT department. The ISM dashboard shows current and trend-based information to the various stakeholders, derived from one set of data sources.
About ISM

ISM (Integrated Service Management) is a popular and proven standardised management method that helps organise your IT services and IT service management. It is both a complete and compact set of processes, roles, procedures, tools and work instructions. They enhance each other in designing, building, delivering, managing and constantly improving.
ISM integrates all assets the department uses — people, process and product — and makes it easier for them to provide their services successfully.

ISM was developed by Servitect, an innovative company specialised in IT service management and service improvement.