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HoloNXT is a platform designed by the ICT Group with the goal to connect online data with the physical world. This creates a Digital Twin with infinite possibilities, especially within Ultimo Enterprise Asset Management. This offers various possibilities for optimizing the transfer of knowledge and communication about your Asset Management.

All data at your fingertips. Any place, any time. We bring this all to life by creating a digital twin where data is being linked with each other and the physical world. So you can look at a physical asset and all crucial Maintenance and Operational data are made available through HoloNXT. Not only by adding 3D drawings into the platform, but much more by visualizing the processes that make the asset come “alive”. By visualizing all information and instructions on a HoloLens (or tablet/smartphone), a professional is assisted to perform his job the right way.

Sharing Ultimo data from assets and related processes (Maintenance and HSE) through standard API’s makes it very easy to use the services from HoloNXT directly via the Ultimo platform.

This provides many benefits:

  • Use your digital twin to train new employees;
  • Share knowledge or give instructions by using AR functionality;
  • Combine multiple sources and create new insights
  • Reduce travel time through remote assist;
  • Improve safety through 4 eyes principle without being in the same spot;
  • Easy way to start a digital twin
  • Attractive technology to recruit new staff (especially Generation Z);
  • 1 expert supports several lower-skilled employees;
  • Lower skilled employees can execute more complex tasks.
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