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Open Catalogue Interface (OCI)

To increase the tool time for employees, it is smart to automate processes. The Open Catalogue Interface is a perfect example of this. Your staff works in Ultimo and can easily transfer to an external webshop from here. If you are known to this webshop, you automatically log in and fill your shopping cart with the items you need. This article information is transferred directly to Ultimo and from here you can continue to prepare your order in your familiar environment. Fast, clear and very simple.

Order today, get it tomorrow, and sometimes even faster. This applies to almost every webshop and makes our lives a lot more pleasant. In Asset Management, this can mean that we need to keep fewer stocks and that has many advantages.

In order to make the best possible use of all those webshops, we have included the Open Catalogue Interface in our Ultimo platform, which offers you many advantages:

  • Make use of the ease of search within existing web shops;
  • Reduce your own stocks;
  • Work from 1 environment, but link with various webshops;
  • Simplify your purchasing process and avoid errors caused by manual input;
  • Use the linking standard for many webshops.
About OCI

The Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is a standardized, open catalog data interface for exchanging catalog data sets between an ERP / EAM system (e.g., Ultimo) and WAGO’s webshop. OCI can now also be used for direct ordering, depending on your configuration! The Ultimo specialist can help you with this.

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