Solutions chevron_right OPERA (Maintenance Protocols and Risk Analysis)

OPERA (Maintenance Protocols and Risk Analysis)

Guarantee and secure the operational safety and accuracy of all medical equipment, by linking to a leading online database of instrument types.

Seven leading Belgian hospitals have introduced the OPERA platform, an online database containing thousands of instrument types, risk classifications, maintenance schedules, documents and CE certificates. By linking to OPERA, you can transfer this data to your Ultimo environment in order to guarantee and secure the operational safety and accuracy of all medical equipment.

OPERA provides you with more than 9,000 unique instrument types with their maintenance classification identifiable by group description, the manufacturer (brand), type, documentation and images. Besides that, a maintenance classification is attached. The maintenance classification consist a risk analysis which produces a risk number with a risk class and standard maintenance schedules as the final result.

Benefits of using OPERA:

  • Data is 100% integrable in your Ultimo environment;
  • An user-friendly interface with the OPERA database;
  • The database is supported by the seven hospitals that developed and releases the data;
  • The data offered can be used as a guideline and is not binding;
  • New demands can be requested on the platform; the database will therefore continue to grow in size.

The integration with OPERA requires Ultimo Professional, Premium or Enterprise with the Medical Technology industry solutions. Besides that, an OPERA subscription and a GMG Healthcare subscription is required.

About OPERA (Maintenance Protocols and Risk Analysis)

OPERA is a collaboration between 7 leading Belgian hospitals (ASZ Ziekenhuis, RZ Tienen, UZA, AZ Delta, Algemeen Ziekenhuis Sint-Maarten, UZB) that jointly manage and distribute data. These seven hospitals have regular joint meetings to discuss the future of medical technology. To start with, they delivered almost 6000 risk analyses with a standard maintenance protocol. The interest from other hospitals was very high, so it was decided to make this data available to other hospitals. 

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