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QR Connect mobile reporting

The mobile reporting of incidents or issues is now easier than ever and can be done directly on site via a QR code scan.

Streamlining incident mobile reporting with improved User Experience

This solution provides organizations with a more efficient and streamlined process for mobile reporting of incidents and maintenance tasks. The integration between QR Connect and IFS Ultimo not only offers a user-friendly platform, but also contributes to further optimization of operational processes within organizations.

QR Connect mobile reporting

This collaboration combines the power of QR Connect’s innovative platform with the advanced capabilities of IFS Ultimo’s EAM software.

The key benefits of this integration include:

  • Swift reporting: Users can quickly and easily report incidents with a single scan of a QR code, saving valuable time for both the user and the helpdesk.
  • Improved efficiency: The integration streamlines processes, resulting in more efficient asset management and a faster response to incidents.
  • Real-time communication: Teams have the ability to communicate in real-time, promoting collaboration and accelerating decision-making.
  • Quality asset management: Organizations benefit from enhanced asset management, with assets being accurately tracked.
  • No app required: Users can report issues and access manuals on their mobile phones without the need to install an additional app.
About QR Connect

QR Connect is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. We optimize service delivery and enhance user experiences in service processes. Our solution reduces the number of service calls to a helpdesk and simplifies processes related to issues such as empty toners, relocations, or returns. QR Connect also provides quick access to instructions, information, and manuals. With just one scan, QR Connect simplifies your environment without expensive hardware or high investments. The user scans the unique QR code and instantly sees everything they want to know about a device. The correct vendor is automatically triggered to resolve the issue. This means fewer steps for the user and more control over vendors!

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